Made to order on highly sensitive CNC latches in partnership with one of the UK's leading Engineering companies. We import our Steel from Italy, and each millimetre of production is overseen by a CAD engineer. 

Sold as a pair: whats in the box? 

  • 2 x 6kg knurled Steel handles
  • 12 x 5kg powder-coated Steel plates 
  • 4 x 2.5kg powder-coated Steel plates 
  • 4 lock jaw collars 


  • Handle total length: 470mm | 47cm 
  • Grip length: 130mm | 13cm (95mm knurled) 
  • Loadable sleeve length: 150mm | 15cm 
  • Grip diameter: 28mm | 2.8cm 
  • Loadable sleeve diameter: 50mm